Save with Clinique Bonus Time Deals

As a young girl I really fell in love with Clinique cosmetic foundations, as they were what my mum used. Even as a young girl, my mom let me use some of her Clinique products, mainly her face creams and other Clinique products and ever since then I have been hooked. But one thing I really love is when Clinique Bonus Time comes around and Macy's and other department stores are offering great promotions.

So at this point you maybe wondering about Clinique Bonus Time and how you can benefit from the discounts. But before getting into the many advantages, lets first look what's different about Clinique products. So, for starters the main thing that sets the Clinique brand apart from any other makeup supplier is their products are specifically formulated by dermatologist or skin care doctors for everyone else. All of these things are important when considering Clinique products and one of the reasons they cost slightly more.

One thing I especially like about Clinique products, is the fact that they don't use strong fragrances and they aren't overwelming to the senses, in fact all of Clinique's products are fragrance free. And I am sure if you suffer from allergies or ever got in an elevator with someone that is wearing strong perfume or lotions, you can really appreciate the fact that Clinique products are fregrance free. Now there is nothing wrong with strong perfumes and beauty products, but at the same time having just a hint or no perfume at all, can make just as much of an impression.

Besides a long list of cosmetic products, Clinique also has several products specially formulated to promote good skin care, which are a must for any women. And a lot of their skin care products, not only help promote getting rid of acne and other skin conditions, but also help promote healthy and vibrant skin.

So if you are considering buying Clinique cosmetics, you want to pay attention to Clinique Bonus Timeso you get the best bang for your buck. There are a number of great opportunities to get free products and really the minimum purchase amount is only $30 which is very affordable. And you maybe thinking well there are always promotions going on, what makes this any different. While there are many free offers you will want to check with several stores to find out which ones have the best offer for you. And if you have any doubt about the bonus items, you should cast it aside, since many of the free offers are actually wonderful cosmetic gift boxes. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that different stores will be offering different discounts and bonuses so it's wise to look around. Also don't forget about your stores discounts and other coupons so you can save even more off your purchases.